Four gents, a handful of films and plenty of conversation.
That is Matinee Idles.

This website is the home base of the podcast hosted by the likes of Alec Berry, Joey Aulisio, Matt Burden and Vern Griffiths. They discuss everything from old classics, to more contemporary cinema and everything in between through forms of club selection episodes, and 5-10 minute extras. The show also offers discussion on new movie trailers, and industry news when the time calls for it.

This website also offers its own variety of content. The hosts of the show and special guest writers work to bring plenty of written reviews and creative columns on a consistent basis.


Alec Berry – he’s the youngest of the bunch, alec is a film connoisseur in training. he began his podcasting career in december 2008 with his now defunct show, teenage wasteland, and ever since has been obsessed with the medium. his background with movies was pretty abysmal at one point, but since his involvement with the show, he has started to show progress. alec tries to make every show appearance, but at times his evil counterpart, german-alec, must step in to fill out the quartet that is matinee idles.  you can also find alec on his blog and on the chemical box podcast.

favorite directors – michael mann, david fincher, christopher nolan, steven speilberg, edgar wright, quentin tarantino, kevin smith, tony scott, neveldine & taylor

favorite movies – jurassic park, reservoir dogs, rumble fish, memento, fight club, blade runner, jaws, clerks, domino, crank, the insider, heat, taxi driver, following, the social network, scott pilgrim vs. the world

Matt Burden – being carrie’s twin meant that matt’s parents locked him in a closet without a vcr or power supply and once released, he overdosed on movies. from van damme to de niro, matt has it covered. matt got his podcasting start with his numerous voicemails to the 11 o’clock comics podcast and a short stint on the league of nobodies. After that, matinee idles was the logical place for him to talk movies and go off on random tangents. he also hosts his own podcast, burden’s world, where he comments on the random display of everyday life, and is the co-founder of future pro wrestling.

favorite directors – martin scorsecse, quentin tarantino, woody allen, sergio leone, mel gibson, steven speilberg, james cameron

favorite movies – jaws, star wars, taxi driver, die hard, lethal weapon, aliens, predator, terminator 2: judgment day, back to the future, remains of the day, silence of the lambs, lost in translation, magnolia, heat, trainspotting, seven, reservoir dogs, a nightmare on elm street

Joey Aulisio

favorite directors – richard linklater, john carpenter, brian de palma, michael mann, david lynch, orson welles, terrence malick, nicolas roeg, sidney lumet, woody allen, edgar wright, christopher nolan, noah baumbach

favorite movies – american movie, blade runner, sunset boulevard, blow out, an american werewolf in london, halloween, the thing, dark city, manhunter, blue velvet, taxi driver, badlands, once upon a time in america, a clockwork orange, the man who fell to earth, true romance, dazed and confused, suburbia, memento, shaun of the dead, the squid and the whale, annie hall, diner, say anything, glengarry glen ross, the cable guy

Vern Griffiths – the legend, a giant yoda-like figure for the younger idles, and also the only idle with an imdb page. vern was sold on movies when taken, age 4, to see ‘star wars’ and ‘superman: the movie’, and matinee idles is his first foray into the podcast world. an actor for nearly twenty years, vern brings an insider’s eye to the round tables, and is never short of an opinion… vern’s proudest moment since the show began is inspiring the matinee idles drinking game (basically you take a shot of oven cleaner, or whatever you drink, every time he says something offensive…)

favorite movies – marty, superman: the movie, highlander, the ladykillers, the lavender hill mob, the man in the white suit, crossing delancey, the tall guy, his girl friday, 12 angry men, the crimson pirate, way out west, singin’ in the rain, the jerk, the three amigos, the princess bride


Jay Stringer – jay had his mind warped at a young age by movies and comic books, and now tries to make a living as a writer. a stint as a film student at university taught him that he couldn’t direct a film to save his life, but that’s never stopped him from whining about them. when not trying to tell award-winning filmmakers what they’re doing wrong, he can be found sat at his computer and talking to himself while writing novels and short stories. in addition to joining the writing staff here at matinee idles with his bad example column among others, you can also read his blog and listen to his podcast  do some damage.

Simon Price –


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