Episode 34 – Best of 2010

Just in time for the Oscars, Joey gives you his top 10 films of 2010 while Matt and Vern tell you about a few things that were new to them in 2010.


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2 Responses to Episode 34 – Best of 2010

  1. Jason Wood says:

    Good ep gents. Joey, I’m ever impressed by the depth of your movie watching. I’ve got four of five films now from your list that I’m going to throw into the queue. I was rolling along taking notes, but then I ALMOST crumpled up the proverbial paper and threw it in the trash when I heard Scott Pilgrim was #1 and that you saw it 7 times in the theater. 🙂

  2. paula says:

    Scott Pilgrim was my number 1 for 2010 too! Refreshingly silly and lovely in all the right places. I only saw it twice in the flicks however…

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